Gabriela and Santiago

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Our Story

It may come to your surprise that Gaby made the first move. As a new believer in christ, Gaby wanted more friends that were christian. Remembering that in high school Santiago from her AP Spanish class was a christian she messaged him through snapchat asking him to confirm if her memory served her right. Sure enough Santiago was very much a believer as he was very involved with his bible study group which he invited Gaby to attend. Gaby obliged, and even though she had now made more christian friends for some reason her and Santiago couldn't stop texting. Their first hangout was at 21 Choices and as days went by there were a couple more hangouts, and oblivious Santiago couldn't tell that Gaby had fallen for him. Finally, Santiago got the memo and asked Gaby on a date, and took her to Cheesecake Factory for their first date . A couple months later Gaby and Santiago were officially boyfriend and girlfriend. Both dated to marry and in five short months both knew that they wanted to marry each other. Six and a half years later they are getting ready for their wedding and to start their marriage. During this journey Santiago graduated as a Civil Engineer and Gaby graduated as a Nurse. Not only have they developed careers but both have worked on themselves and their relationship and have grown to where they are today. We know that in the same way they overcame everything to get here they will overcome everything to have an everlasting marriage.
Jennifer Postorino